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NISSHIN KNIT is the Russell knitting fabrics manufacture based at Bishu the area of fabrics production and stands out prominently at its design and expression.

The combination of knitting by the special Russell knitting fabrics machine improved by NISSHIN KNIT and various design yarn made from Bishu is amazing fancy world rarely seen elsewhere.

NISSHIN KNIT purchased the Russell knitting fabrics machine from Italy and proprietary improved on it. And this is called "Wordtex" and the only machine in the world. The expression weaved from it is beautiful at stable stripe and uniformised pitch of check. This is the original, which cannot be followed by other manufactures. NISSHIN KNIT' s Russell fabrics are provided to famous designers in Japan. NISSHIN KNIT always seeks new design every season.

Furthermore, NISSHIN KNIT tries to manufacture new products by Japanese original material, the bamboo and the Japan paper and new fabrics by using low count yarns made by old Japanese spinning "GARA-BO" , which are very light and natural irregularity.
We, NAGAO SHOJI are the contact for foreign sale of NISSHIN KNIT. We assist the display of sample at foreign exhibition and the arrangement of salesman sample for foreign buyer. We also arrange the export trade.
If you have interest in NISSHIN KNIT, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact : Koji Nagao